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If yes, this might be the place for you.
Velocity Marketing Enterprises LTD. works as an agent for race teams & series (clients).
Clients that want Velocity Marketing Enterprises lTD. to represent them, supply Velocity with proposals & web site. For those clients Velocity acquires sponsorship for a percentage.
Clients that do not have proposals & web sites, Velocity will produce for a fee.
Velocity will also work with clients that need proposals & web sites to do their own marketing.

Sponsorship is a year round job!

The things Velocity would need to know is:
1. What do you race?
2. Where do you race?
3. What is the average spectator attendance per race?
4. How much do you want from a primary sponsor and what do they get from you?
5. How much do you want from a associate sponsor and what do they get from you?
6. Do you have a sponsorship proposal & website?

Get your message heard with a VME Proposal

Hard & Digital copy of Sponsorship Proposal.Hard & Digital copy of Sponsorship Agreement ( Client to supply photos)$50.00

6004 8 Avenue S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2A 3P7 Telephone (587) 966-RACE (7223)